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6 Aug 2011

Update and what-not

Hey grand folks of the Internet world - it is I, you're illustrious occasional-blogger *grins*
So I thought I'd give a little overview of what I'll be getting up to, book-wise, over the next month!

Tomorrow (Sunday) I'll be shooting off to Melbourne for the week, which I am rather excited about for a few reasons - Firstly I have a job interview on Monday (!!!) in a bookshop no less (!!!!!!) so fingers crossed it goes well cause I am going out of my mind not being in a bookshop at the moment!

Secondly I'll be meeting the fabulous Maria V. Snyder! Which would also explain why I've been reading so many of her books lately ;) I'm almost done with Magic Study so I'll go on to Fire Study while I'm over there. I was thinking I could get her to sign one of my books and hold a little competition on here - open internationally - what would you guys think of that??

And at the end of the month there is the Melbourne Writers Festival which I am very VERY excited about, cause not only will it be my first one, but there are also some AMAZING authors attending including: Shaun Tan, Max Barry, Lili and Carole Wilkinson, Emily Rodda, Maggie Stiefvater and lots more. So I'll be there for the whole week and a half listening to and fan-girling all over these events (and no doubt getting lots of books signed for both myself and perhaps for a few more competitions down the line).

So that's pretty much most of it - I hope you guys like that I'm updating on a bit more of a regular basis. I'm hoping to get a few guest bloggers over which will bring a little bit of variety to my ranting qualities *laughs* I've also made wonderful book-blog friends with The Escapism Project so you should check them out, they're great fun!
I'm currently reading my first ebook as well, which is also my first email-review-request, so I'm very much looking forward to sharing it with you all here.

*breaths* Okay! That's it from me - back to packing :)


Freezing Kiss said...

Good Luck! I hope you get the job! <3

HR Harkness said...

Super exciting news, all of it! Let me know if you're going to Emily Rodda and I'll stalk you for a coffee! Her new series is so good.

Alex said...

Thank you Claire! It went pretty well, but won't hear for a bit :) xx

Holly!!!! I will indeed be going to see Emily! Actually I've booked for 6 events over the week- yay! Which others are you going to? Coffee sounds like a wonderful idea :D Have you got a copy of her new book??? Luck girl! xx