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18 Apr 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #6

Waiting on Wednesday spotlights upcoming releases to be excited about! (Created by Jill at Breaking the Spine)

Broken by Elizabeth Pulford (Illustrated by Angus Gomes)
Published June 1st 2012 by Walker Books Australia
(This is GoodReads:)

Critically injured in a motorbike accident, Zara Wilson lies in a coma. She is caught between the world of her hospital room and that of her memories and a dream-like fantasy where she searches for her elusive brother Jem. 

Zara's adventures in her subconscious unlock dark secrets and she must face up to her past in order to accept her future. 

Broken has graphic novel elements in a hard-edged graphic style reminiscent of a 1950s' comic book. 

(This is Alex:)

I'll admit that I've not heard much about this book so far - but what I have heard has made me very excited to get my hands on this little gem. Elizabeth is a Ukrainian born author who now resides in New Zealand - you can find the link to her website here. She's had a truly amazing life!

Broken gives me the feeling that it would be something like a combination of MirrorMask, Entangled and Hugo Cabret all in one. This is one I'll definitely be reviewing once it's out! 


Cheyenne Williams said...

Hey, great blog—just dropping a comment to let you know I'm now following it. (:

Would you mind checking out my blogs?

Thank you! (:

Alex said...

Thanks for the comment and the following! Checking out your blogs as we speak *grins*

Kim said...

Oh it does sound interesting (: Great to hear about a New Zealand author. It sounds sad but I barely ever read books from NZ authors but I just might have to check this one out.

- Kim (new follower)

Jeff Rivera said...

What I noticed first is the cover. It's very creative and I thought I might want to check this out. Sounds like a fascinating story. I can't wait to read it.

Anonymous said...

She is a good writer ,I enjoyed.

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Randall said...

I agree with Mateus, she is a good writer :)


I personally like the cover quite a bit.

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