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3 Jan 2011

2010 in review

Fortunately 2010 was an amazing year as far as the book reading went. Thanks to working in the bookshop I was privileged to read quite a number of proof copies, as well as reading novels already published.
Here were my favourite reads of 2010:

Temeraire - Naomi Novik (Published by HarperCollins Voyager, UK)
Unquestionably one of the most brilliantly crafted fantasy novels that I have read in a very long time. The relationship between Lawrence and his dragon Temeraire is heart-warming in the harsh setting of the Napoleonic Wars.

Bleeding Violet - Dia Reeves (Published January 2010 by Simon Pulse, USA)
I took a chance ordering this book from based on reviews and the blurb and I'm glad I did. Strange and unusual are the basis for this dark and twisted fantasy novel set in Portero, Texas. It's best not to go in with any expectations on this one. *grin*

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma (Published May 2010 by Definitions, UK)
One of those books that needs to be read without question or prerequisites. It challenges everything society makes us think is 'right' and leaves you with the feeling that you've not read a 'novel' - but a true story. Brilliant.

iBoy - Kevin Brooks (Published July 2010 by Puffin, UK)
I will never tire of recommending this book to customers. It's the perfect 'super-hero' novel with a modern twist. Ignore the blurb - it really doesn't do it justice - and just read it. You wont regret it.

Stolen - Lucy Christopher (Published 2009 by Chicken House, UK)
I am so glad that I picked up this book. It challenged ever emotion I had and left me feeling like I'd not just read a good book, but that I'd also learned something valuable as well.

Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins (Published August 2010 by Scholastic, UK)
What can I say of the last of the Hunger Games? We had been waiting for this for a year and I know many had mixed feelings after it's release. I for one loved it. It was real, hard - not glossed-over with everything turning out alright in the end. Because war and revolution isn't always like that.

Silent Land - Graham Joyce (Published October 2010 by Gollancz, UK)
A simply stunning story of love under extreme circumstances. Graham's ability to create a world, not unlike our own, and twist and mould it in ways we do not expect is astounding. This is the very reason he is Number One on my favourite author list.

I have also had the good fortune to read a few books not yet published in 2011. I cannot wait till they come out as they will no doubt entice and excite many of you!

Entangled - Cat Clarke (Published January 6th 2011 by Quercus, UK)
I read this in four hours, impossible to put down. An amazing story that will stay with you long after it has been put down. (Not to mention the cover is absolutely divine!)

Across the Universe - Beth Revis (Published 3rd March 2011 by Penguin, UK)
Bringing, what I hope to be, a strong presence of Science Fiction to YA. Completely intoxicating.

Department 19 - Will Hill (Published 31st March 2011 by HarperCollins Children'sBooks, UK)
A fast-paced, exciting new twist on the Vampire Genre. Not to be underestimated or missed.


Freezing Kiss said...

Ooh I like this idea Alex! I had a good book year too. 2011 looks like it's going to be good too! <3

Elodie said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway !! Your blog looks great; I'm your latest follower !! Happy reading ;)

Alex said...

Oh Thanks Elodie! I'll try and keep it updated at least once a week! (I hope to do more, though *laughs*)

HR Harkness said...

Ooh, I'm glad to see you give Bleeding Violet the thumbs up, I thought it looked interesting, but now it's been moved up in my to-read pile!