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18 Oct 2010

Reviews and the like...

Well, folks... All I can say is... I'm not dead!! Really, I've been so lazy with this blog, and I do apologise to those of you who follow it. I've been attempting to get myself into gear again, and what with NaNoWriMo coming up in 2 weeks time - a nice spot of blogging may just be what I need to get back into the swing of writing!
So, the plans so far:
I've recently attended many events at the Cheltenham Literature Festival - thus will be providing my own reports on each of those (including photos!), so look out for such names as Darren Shan, Alex Scarrow, Lucy Christopher and more!
Then there's the book reviews I have been working on, most of which are tied in with the Lit Fest.
So, please stay tuned - I should have some more regular updates in the days to come!!
With much book love -


Pamela Andrews said...

Grand. :)

HR Harkness said...

Ooh! Another Wrimo... I shall now commence the stalkage!